The term woodworm refers to various different species of wood boring insects. These insects or beetles lay their larvae in the wood. The larvae then feed on the wood, weakening the structure, which can lead to significant structural and cosmetic damage.

Species of Woodworm

Furniture Beetle
This common species of woodworm is often found in homes and buildings across the country and feeds on hardwoods and softwoods.

Deathwatch Beetle
A well-known species of woodworm, the deathwatch beetle makes a ticking noise when mating, which is where it gets the name. It’s destroyed numerous building structures over the decades and can be difficult to eradicate.

Longhorn Beetle
This beetle is a bigger problem in the south east than the rest of the UK and is attracted to soft woods. Roof timbers are an ideal nesting ground for the longhorn beetle and in warm weather it flies, causing an infestation to spread to neighbouring properties.

Powderpost Beetle
A hardwood eater, this species – if left – will completely destroy timber. If you find crumbled or broken timber, it may have been to the hands of the powderpost beetle.