Family Name: Vespidae
Scientific Name: Vespula vulgaris

The Common wasp and the German wasp nests underground and in cavities in trees and buildings, The Tree wasp nests suspended from the branches of trees or constructed underground. Norwegian wasp constructs small nests on twigs e.g. on gooseberry bushes and hawthorn. Cuckoo wasp, the worked caste lacking. It is parasitic usually laying its eggs in the nests of the Red Wasp. Red wasp nests underground. Hornet nests in hollow trees and occasionally buildings. Mason wasps are solitary wasps which nest under the ground and in soft mortar.

Biology and Behaviour
Up to 30mm long; yellow and black coloured. Hornets are the largest wasps, but relatively uncommon. Wasps are typically social insects with new nests constructed each year. The queens which are larger than the workers overwinter. They emerge in the spring and feed on nectar and sap. In the autumn, new queens and males are produced. The latter fertilise the queens who then search for hibernation sites. With the onset of severe weather the nests die out.