There are now opportunities for PCOs to become involved with odour management, which is a great way to get the most out of your ULV machine. Waste sites could be one of the more obvious settings where odour control is useful but let’s not forget about the multitude of other scenarios where odour management is beneficial

Odour management with ULV ‘odourcide’ products

A ready-to-use ULV cold-fogging product now exists for effective odour management against a range of malodorous compounds. These include hydrogen sulphide (rotten eggs smell!), mercaptans, ammonia and others. These odours can emanate from a great variety of sites, including agricultural, industrial, commercial, municipal and domestic settings. Getting even more speci c, ULV ‘odourcides’ can be used to combat malodours in prisons, waste transfer stations, waste bin storage areas, pest habitats and bodies (e.g. dead rodents), bird guano clearance jobs, house clearances, cellars, ood damaged buildings, maggot farms, sewage works, farms, industrial works, cess pits, animal processing by-product units, waste and land ll sites, drains, demolition works, kennels, catteries, etc. The list literally goes on and on…and many of these sites are being protected by pest management measures, so why not include odour management too.

It is important to note that the newly available odour management products do not simply mask the smell with a perfume. They interact with odour molecules on a molecular level, rstly by encapsulating them and secondly to destroy them completely and immediately.

Simply removing pests (as is the traditional pest control way) is one thing: providing a clean, disinfected and malodour-free environment afterwards is another.