House Flies

Family Name: Muscidae
Scientific Name:
– Musca domestica (Common Housefly)
– Fannia canicularis (Lesser Housefly)

Common house flies are ubiquitous insects with a flight range of 8km. They are highly active indoors. Lesser houseflies are frequently in poultry houses.

Highly active indoors. Lesser houseflies can tolerate cool climates. Both types of flies remain active and reproduce throughout the year in warm conditions.

Biology and Behaviour
6-12mm in length, the common housefly is predominately grey whilst the lesser housefly is grey with an extensive yellow patch at the base of the abdomen. They will frequent and feed indiscriminately on any liquefiable solid food, which may equally be moist, putrefying material or food stored for human consumption. The Lesser housefly makes longer flights and spends less time resting than the common housefly.