Family Name: Boreidae
Scientific Name:
– Ctenocephalides felis (cat flea),
– Ctenocephalides canis (dog flea),
– Pulex irritans (Human flea),
– Spilopsyllus cuniculi (rabbit flea),
– Xenopsylla cheopis (tropical rat flea),
– Archaeopsyllus erinacei (hedgehog flea),
– Ceratophyllus gallinae (bird flea),
– Hystrichopsylla

Fleas are most commonly found on mammals, although birds may also be attacked. They show a certain degree of host preference, but are by no means host specific and will feed on other animals in the absence of the normal host. Fleas are commonly found around the world

Biology and Behaviour
Adults are 1-8mm in length; brownish in colour. The larvae require precise conditions which are associated with the habitats and nesting habits of the hosts rather than the characteristics of their blood.